Scrub Hats

Don’t touch the hair! It’s true, one reason for wearing scrub caps is to protect your hair. But clearly, there is so much more to it than that.

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    Why wear scrub hats?

    Most importantly, medical professionals and healthcare workers wear scrub caps when they’re performing surgery or examinations for safety and hygiene reasons. In other words, scrub caps are necessary for the protection of your patients, you, and your workplace. And once upon a time, this was the only reason they were worn. But oh, how times have changed, and now scrub caps are actually cool as well as practical!

    Let’s face it, you work in an environment that can often be grim - so some colour, cheek and personality can help lighten the mood and offer a bit of distraction in difficult times.

    More and more doctors, nurses, and theatre staff are wearing scrub caps to:

    adhere to hospital and medical regulations

    show off their personalities

    build team morale

    get the conversation started (who doesn’t want to know why you chose the unicorn print? Is there a subliminal message behind it, or do you just love unicorns?)

    So, the team at Smilewear has put on our own (thinking) caps and found a great range of practical and fun scrub caps that address safety and hygiene concerns; and also look and feel pretty darn good.

    Surely size matters?

    Well sure sometimes it does, but most of our scrub caps are one-size-fits-all. That’s generally a head diameter of around 62 cm. And they are great for short and long hair - they fit over ponytails and buns (yes, man buns too).

    Have you thought about sweaty head syndrome?

    Have we ever! Our range of scrub caps are made from soft and breathable cotton, or a poly-cotton blend, so no matter how hard you’re working, the fabric is allowing natural airflow to occur. And when you do sweat (which is inevitable), the fabric soaks it up before it can drip into places (and patients) it doesn’t need to be.

    Whatever you want to call them – scrab caps, scrub hats, surgical caps, nurses’ hats – we have sourced a great collection of colours, prints, and styles (seriously, who even knew that they came in different styles? But they do, and we sell them).

    Tell me more about the styles, colours, and prints

    To be fair, there aren’t really a lot of different styles of scrub caps available. But there are a few:

    the good old tie-back style

    elasticised caps

    caps with clip fasteners.

     But boy, do we have some great colours and prints. We stock scrub caps in:

    most of the colours of the colours of the rainbow (and then some)

    animal prints

    colourful symbol prints

    sport prints

    camouflage prints.

    We even do personalised embroidered scrub caps. They’re kind of like personalised number plates, but better.

    So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of comfortable, practical, fun scrub caps today. They’re the perfect accessory to our scrub tops and scrub pants.

    Make your nursing or medical uniform complete with some scrub caps (yes, multiple caps because let’s face it, who can stop at one) from Smilewear.