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Staff Uniforms – Our top 3 shirt picks for women!

I regularly hear from women that they have two requirements when choosing a shirt for their work team. The first requirement is that the shirt have longer sleeves to cover...

I regularly hear from women that they have two requirements when choosing a shirt for their work team. The first requirement is that the shirt have longer sleeves to cover the top bit of the arms (often derogatively referred to by these women themselves as tuckshop arms). The second being that it hides the belly and does not cling to the bumpy bits. There is often another third requirement, WE DON’T WANT TO IRON! We hear you!

Pippa Knit – short sleeve code 2222

Pippa Knit – ¾ sleeve code 2223

The Pippa Knit meets all these requirements and more. With the option of a short and ¾ length sleeve this shirt is perfect for the woman that does not like to expose the top of her arms. The beauty of this sleeve length is that it is not too long as to get in the way of work but can also be pushed up to just above the elbow to give a half sleeve look. I have had many teams choose this top so that they have a winter and summer option to their uniform. The ¾ length sleeve option also being a winner if your workplace likes to run the air conditioner on low!

With its soft draped neckline and gathered details the Pippa Knit does not cling around the middle. The stretch Matte Jersey knit is also easy to care for. I take mine straight out of the washing machine and it is nearly dry, definitely no ironing required, and the best thing is it is still wrinkle free at the end of the day. Soft to the touch yet durable and light weight the Pippa will not fade and will look great on your team for years.

Sizes range from XX’s – 4XL. Colours include Red, Cobalt, Grape, White, Charcoal, Aqua, Jade, Black, Dark Lilac and Navy. I personally have had a Black Pippa Knit ¾ sleeve for over six years and it remains my go to black top for the evening or travel. I am very fond of seeing teams in the Cobalt, the colour really pops!

So Ezy – ¾ Sleeve Code 2263

Matches with Men’s So Easy check shirt - long sleeve Code 4263

Just like the name suggests this shirt has an easy, more relaxed look than we often see in uniform shirting. This is achieved by the Nehru collar which has a similar look to the Mandarin collar, but it opens down to a V, giving a more flattering look to the neck. There are four buttons at the top creating a tab front which is helpful in stopping gaping if you are leaning forward. The best feature of all is the action back, making this shirt ideal for anyone needing to move freely throughout their day.

The So Ezy shirt can be worn tucked in or left out, however with the flattering curved hem line I think it looks great left out, and with the sleeves rolled up. This shirt has taken a more relaxed, modern approach to uniforms but has included all the benefits of an easy-care fabric with great colours and size range. Available colours are Red, Grape, Teal, Navy, Black, Cobalt and Silver.

 City Stretch Spot Shirt- Cap Sleeve Code 2173

City Stretch Spot Shirt – ¾ Sleeve Code 2172

City Stretch Spot Tunic - Short Sleeve 2174

Many workplaces love the professional look of a collared, buttoned shirt but struggle with fitting as this style is difficult for women that are blessed with generous, well…. being from Queensland, I am going to say verandas J

In traditional buttoned up shirts once a woman gets above a DD cup the buttons will often gape open in front of the chest. If the woman goes up a size to prevent this, the top can be too big everywhere else. City Collection’s clever design team have solved this problem and included a wonder button in the very popular City Stretch Spot shirt.

This secret hidden button sits on the inside of the blouse and is in exactly the right spot to secure the two sides of the shirt and stop the gape. Brilliant!  With the smart pin tuck detail at the front and the two vertical darts in the back this shirt not only looks great, and is comfortable to working, but is easy care, like the Pippa Knit, no ironing required! Tuck it in, or leave it out, this blouse is stunning on women from Sizes 6 to 30. If you have a team that is difficult to fit the City Stretch Spot could come to your rescue. With the option of a sleek cap sleeve, or ¾ length sleeve your team has options whilst all looking uniform and smart.

The colour options include Blue, Red, Grape, Teal, Navy, Black and Cobalt. All the same colours as the Pippa Knit so they look amazing teamed together.

With the popularity of the City Stretch Spot, City collection have also added a tunic to the range. The difference between a tunic and a shirt is that a tunic is longer in length, usually covering the backside and not designed to be tucked into pants or skirts. It usually always features two pockets at the front and is popular in hospitals and nursing homes. The City Stretch Spot Tunic features a stylish Mandarin collar and side splits. I like this tunic and I am impressed that it starts at a Size 4 and goes through to a Size 30.




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