Scrub prints exclusive to Smilewear

In a move to stay ahead of the competition (for us and you … yep, we know you want to stay ahead of the pack!) Smilewear has developed our own range of print designs. Our original prints provide Australia’s healthcare professionals more options to express your personal style in the workplace.

“We have been working tirelessly to create patterns that cater to the needs and preferences of Australian medical professionals,” said Ngaire Lobsinger, owner and founder of Smilewear. With a deep understanding of the demands of the healthcare industry, the team has focused on creating prints that are not only stylish but deliver what our customers are asking for.

Our customers have always been at the heart of what we do 

We recognise that Australian healthcare workers want to express individuality while still adhering to uniform requirements. 

“The range of prints from international brands are great, but our customers also want designs and colours that are uniquely Australian.

We’re in a unique position because of our retail shop to be talking to healthcare workers every day, so we know what people want, so we took it upon ourselves to design prints that suit what they’re after,” said Ngaire.

Australian print designs

The whole Smilewear team plays a part in coming up with our designs. We steer away from the ubiquitous trend of licenced figures that don’t reflect the depth of character that our healthcare workers want. Our prints depict fun, joyful Australian animals, characters, and flora. We choose colours that match back with our most popular healthcare colours. 

Last year, we released our first run of Christmas prints including:

We’re currently in the process of creating new designs for Christmas 2023. As always, we’ve taken into consideration what our customers have asked for: Festive Australian summer scenes in bright cheerful colours. 

Available styles and fabric

The designs are printed on high-quality fabric that is durable and comfortable. 

So far, our own print designs are only available in scrub tops, but we plan to continue to expand our collection, adding in theatre caps, compression socks and fob watches in the future. 

Healthcare professionals across the country have already shown their excitement about the new designs. We’ve had great feedback about the prints we’ve already released, with one customer saying "It's about time a uniform company recognises that we want to look good while we work. I love that I can now choose original prints that reflect my personality and style."

If you want to add a bit of zing into your work wardrobe, order from Smilewear’s exclusive print range today.