First Scrub shops in Australia

After selling medical apparel for over 20 years, Smilewear medical scrubs and uniforms opened its first store in Brisbane in March of 2019. We were the first scrub shop of its type in Australia and we were excited to be leading the way with fashion-forward styles, outstanding customer service and a store that exuded style and professionalism.

Our Scrub shop really was something to smile about. Our instore experienced staff were able to transform what was an otherwise strictly functional purchase of a scrub set, into a true experience. Word of mouth was infectious as doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and and other medical staff came in to purchase their scrubs.

When COVID became part of our lives more and more medical professionals started wearing scrubs, and we were ready.

Well-versed in understanding the unique needs of each caregiver, helping them find the right set of scrubs with the features they needed to perform their best. With innovative options, easy to wash fabrics and well-placed pockets along with a selection of medical accessories we were uniquely positioned in store and online to help medical professionals find everything they needed, while enjoying a superior shopping experience.

Our Sydney scrub shop opened in May 2020 to meet the demands of those needing scrubs urgently in NSW. Whilst our online business was thriving and our supply chain working and delivering quickly to our customers, there were still those that needed scrubs and needed them now! The local hospitals were getting ready for what could be the worst-case scenario with COVID and the hospital staff were getting shift ready.

Many of our previous conversations in store were about the stretch in the scrub fabric, the number of pockets, the variety of colours and the modern fabrics that are comfortable, stylish, breathable easy to wear and care for. A new conversation was now happening, and it was about infectious control and how to best manage your medical clothing with proper laundering. The standard was that clothing worn in the medical environment needed to be laundered to 60 degrees Celsius in a domestic laundry for thirty minutes.

Scrubs were rising to the challenge with Brands such as Wonderwink, Mediscrubs, Cherokee and Dickies all having options available to meet the growing demand.  We championed the Wonderwork brand and also celebrated the quality options we had in our two Australian scrub brands, Fashion Biz Collection and JBs Wear.

Whilst scrubs had become more important to manage infection, we still had our focus on the uniform solutions that gave medical professionals the performance and image they needed. From a small Dental practice to a large hospital we continued to deliver a complete one stop shop for every medical profession and allied health worker, outfitting staff with shirts, tunics, pants and skirts.

We look to the future with excitement as we continue to focus on creating an enjoyable shopping experience by providing value, exceptional service, quality and selection. 

Now that’s something to smile about.