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Colours and Prints, we’ve got them all!

At Smilewear we are the experts in colour and whether it’s a uniform for one, or a whole team, we can help you choose your colour or colours!  When outfitting...

At Smilewear we are the experts in colour and whether it’s a uniform for one, or a whole team, we can help you choose your colour or colours!  When outfitting teams there are benefits to colour-coding your scrubs and uniforms. This includes eliminating any confusion around staff roles. Not only does implementing colour-coded scrubs help create a quick visual to define roles, e.g. nurses wear navy, doctors wear hunter green, it can also build trust and add to the overall mood of your medical practice or hospital.

So, what does colour mean in the medical environment, and who wears what colour in which hospital? Well…. it varies state to state, hospital to hospital and from one department to another.

We have seen many colour trends come and go over the last 20 years and we often reminisce about the days of the very popular brown scrubs and brown and white stripped Manhattan shirts. Ten years ago, we couldn’t get them in fast enough and we too thought they were the height of fashion. We would be lucky to have sold a handful of brown scrubs or shirts in the last five years.

We have also seen a progression in knowledge, and many studies, around the physiological influence a colour can have in a medical setting. Years of experience have also taught us a lot about the practical benefits of some colours.

White uniforms and scrubs

Remember the images of nurses back in the day all decked out in their crisp white dresses? White was the earliest colour worn by nurses, doctors, and surgeons alike. Its popularity has defiantly waned.

Not only did it cause eye strain and visual fatigue, but laundering blood stains proved to be difficult. Bleaching was helpful in keeping garments bright, but blood stains turned either brown or green and garments would ultimately have to be thrown out more frequently. White is now commonly worn by Pharmacist in the different styles of lab coats and tunics.

Red and pink scrubs

Because red is the colour of blood it can cause anxiety. However, red scrubs have proved to be a beneficial choice in helping lift the mood of a paediatrician’s or veterinarian’s office.

Shades like pink or burgundy are more widely accepted and create a soothing visual experience. The muted tones of pink, lavender and apricot scrubs have a subtler effect on a person’s mood.


Black is a common colour of scrubs in the medical field. Modern and slimming, black evokes sophistication and seriousness. It is often the colour chosen by consultants in both public and private hospitals and is becoming more popular with upmarket skin clinics and general practitioners. Black remains the most popular colour for Tunics and we have seen a surge in their popularity as more beauticians take up the challenge of new hygiene rules around COVID.

If you find black a bit confronting, consider Pewter or Grey scrubs as they have the benefits of black whilst being a little more subdued. Grey is often the colour chosen by medical imaging professionals.


The colour green is often associated with tranquillity, peace, and healing. Not only has green been scientifically found to lower blood pressure, but it also gives the eyes a rest.

Green was the obvious choice to counteract headaches associated with white scrubs of the past. Because green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel, it helps ease a surgeon’s eyestrain and refocus their attention during surgery. Green scrubs also make it easier to absorb and hide bright red blood stains while extending the life of the garments.

Green is so popular amongst surgeons that it is often referred to as “surgical green”. Hunter green scrubs are also often the colour chosen by doctors in emergency wards and ICU.

The Blues

Blue is one of the most common colour choices for scrubs and uniforms. Not only is blue soothing, relaxing and calming like green, it also lowers blood pressure and eases anxiety. The colour blue helps medical staff focus more easily on internal organs while offsetting the bright colour of blood.

Ceil blue, which is a light blue is often the colour chosen for surgical gowns and surgical scrubs. Navy blue scrubs are a common choice for nurses in many private and public Australian hospitals. If you would like the best of green and blue consider Teal, Aqua or Caribbean scrubs. We have them all!

Fun Prints

Here at Smilewear there are squeals of delight when our latest offering of prints has arrived, we love them!

Teamed with Zoe and Chloe and Wonderwink we have been providing adorable and affordable printed scrubs for many years and have recently seen a surge in popularity. Inspired by recent trends, Zoe and Chloe and Wonderwink designers work tirelessly to create cheerful, light-hearted, timeless, bright scrubs.  These fashion forward prints are affordable and feature 100% cotton construction for ultimate softness. These limited-edition printed scrubs truly are scrubs allheart.

Fun Dress Friday has become popular at many hospitals and medical practices. As far as the physiological benefits of a print goes, bright colours and characters like dogs, cats and butterflies help reduce some of the stress for your patients be hospitalised. Children especially appreciate the touch of magic that a Christmas scrub can bring to the ward.

Some days are tough as a medical professional and because these scrubs are bright and colourful, they can help lift your mood, and that of those around you.

Loved by Nurses, Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians alike, prints sell out FAST! Refreshed frequently, if you miss out on a print, don't worry - there will be something else soon!

Smilewear has an extensive range of scrub sizes and colours in women, men’s and unisex styles. Our sizes are extensive with our range of scrubs and uniforms including, xxs, xs, s, med, large, x large, 2xl, 3xl, 4xl and 5xl.





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